They ensure that all content created within their remit strikes a balance between being user/patient-centred, but also drives business value. They define and align processes that can be applied across all locales.
The Lead Editor Medical & Online brings our content to the next level through research, testing and implementing newest industry best practice.

Key accountabilities

The Lead Medical & Online Editor deals with all editorial and medical content requests. They are the go-to person for service launches, editorial campaigns and input for content marketing and PR campaigns.

The Lead Medical & Online Editor heavily inputs in the web content strategy which is led by the organic team with the aim to position ZAVA group as one of the learning medical information resources online. They develop concepts and strategies to drive content engagement on the website forward with the support of Content Lead.

They are responsible for quarterly as well as long-term planning for all editorial, generic and medical content. All work prioritisation for website & medical content is done by the Lead Medical & Online Editor.

The Lead Medical & Online Editor further develops the website & editorial content guidelines and ensures that they are aligned with the ZAVA group strategy. They ensure that all content within their remit maintains the highest quality standard (ie medical accuracy, editorial etc.)

With the support of the Content Lead, they identify processes for new content and repurposing opportunities led by data and market analysis. In addition, the Lead Medical & Online Editor develops standards, systems and best practices (both staff and technology) for content creation, distribution and maintenance.

Leadership & driving content forward
The Lead Medical & Online Editor works with their team, the organic team and other channels that use medical or editorial content on taking content forward through test & learn. They use data, user research and the latest industry learnings to ensure that the medical and editorial content of ZAVA group and the partner websites is aiming to be user-focussed, futureproofed & a step beyond our competition.

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