The Marketing Content Manager Germany deals with all small- to medium marketing activities that require content (planned & ad-hoc).

They input in the quarterly planning of marketing content, and raise when additional resources are needed, or work is out of scope. All prioritisation for small- to medium size tasks is done by the Marketing Content Manager Germany with the support of the Content Lead.

They ensure that all content within their remit maintains the highest quality standard. They act as a gatekeeper to ensure the ZAVA OOP IN GERMANY tone of voice is used consistently across all of our marketing efforts, and the guidelines for the individual channels are applied.

The Marketing Content Manager Germany works on processes and guidelines that help to streamline workflows, increase efficiency and ensure that all marketing content produced is in line with the overall ZAVA guidelines and ToV.

Driving marketing content forward
They use data, user research and the latest industry learnings to ensure that all marketing content created for ZAVA OOP IN GERMANY matches the user intent as well as the business needs.

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