They deal with all requests regarding content creation for doctor templates and improvements across all locales.

The Medical editor is the go-to person for generic page updates  and if cross-locale updates are required.

They input in the quarterly and long-term planning led by the Lead Editor Medical & Online.

The Medical Editor does all prioritisation for doctor template-related initiatives.

They are responsible for the final proofreading before and the final review (quality control, e.g. links, headlines etc.) after the page goes live.

They act as a gatekeeper to make sure the tone of voice is used consistently across all doctor replies, and the guidelines for the individual locales are applied.

The Medical Editor ensures that all stakeholders involved in service launches are up-to-date and deliver within the agreed timeline.

They develop and implement cross-locale guidelines and processes for doctor-patient interaction.

Driving content forward
They use data, user research and the latest industry learnings to ensure that all medical content created for ZAVA group matches the user intent and business needs.

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